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  Giga Alert helps you manage your reputation, monitor your competitors, and generate critical leads for your business easily and effortlessly. It tracks the entire web for your personalized topics and sends you new results by daily email. With its many useful features, Giga Alert keeps you well informed, saving you time and helping you stay on top of your many professional interests:

Go deeper - Search depth
Get more information about your interests. Giga Alert makes it easy to set your search depth - the number of top results that are tracked for each search. Users of the Platinum Service can track up to 1,000 results per search - the deepest tracking available on the market.

Be in control - Search frequency and time
You can specify how often you would like your searches to be run and how you would like your results to be delivered. Users of the Platinum, Professional, Premium and Personal services may further specify the time of day that they'd like their searches to be run. They can also collaborate with colleagues by setting up shared alerts for multiple recipients.

Target your searches - Advanced search
Giga Alert provides easy access to advanced search features to enable you to personalize and refine your searches. This includes targeting searches by domain, file format and part of the page. Users of the Platinum, Professional, Premium and Personal services also have the ability to target searches by language.

Personalize your searches - SightPoint
Giga Alert's revolutionary SightPoint feature automatically learns which search results are most relevant for you. When SightPoint is switched on, your new results are rated based on the results you have clicked on in the past. Users of the Platinum, Professional, Premium and Personal services can also mark results as irrelevant to automatically filter out similar results in the future.

Your personal search coach - Automatic suggestions improve your searches
Giga Alert helps you target your interests more precisely over time by automatically suggesting keywords to refine your searches. These suggestions are based on the results that you've found useful in the past, using our SightPoint personalization technology.

Manage it all - Online browser
Giga Alert lets you manage and organize all your previous and current results with the online browser. Results can be dynamically viewed and categorized by date and by search topic.

Keep ahead - FreshSearch
Giga Alert's unique FreshSearch technology ensures you only receive the freshest new information. FreshSearch automatically filters out search results that are more than a month old, even if they are new in the search results. FreshSearch can also be switched off for individual searches if required.

Case-sensitive tracking - Search filtering
Giga Alert's unique technology lets you remove unwanted noise by filtering out any results that don't match the exact case or punctuation of your search term.

Stay focused - Intelligent matching
Search engines can sometimes provide multiple entries for similar results. Giga Alert's unique optimized matching algorithm determines whether a similar search result has been seen before, minimizing the chances of receiving repeated alerts.

Save time - Rich alerts
You can choose to receive your email alerts in HTML format, so they include clickable links and bold text highlighting your search terms.

Alerts anywhere - RSS, HTML feeds
Giga Alert provides RSS feeds for convenient access from desktop applications, and customizable HTML feeds for integration of your dynamic search results directly into web sites. Giga Alert also supports TrackBack, allowing search results to be integrated into your blog.

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